Top Romantic First Dance Songs for Newlyweds

Feb 10, 2018
Wedding DJ

The Importance of Choosing the Perfect First Dance Song

At Golden Gate Poker and Casino Events, we understand that your wedding day is filled with unforgettable moments. One of the most cherished moments for newlyweds is the first dance. It sets the tone for the rest of the evening and symbolizes the love shared between the couple. Choosing the perfect first dance song is crucial in creating a memorable experience that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Criteria for Selecting the Best First Dance Songs

When it comes to selecting the best first dance song for your wedding, there are a few factors to consider:

1. Personal Connection

Choose a song that holds a special meaning in your relationship. Whether it's a song that played during your first date or a lyric that perfectly captures your emotions, a personal connection will make the moment even more special.

2. Tempo and Style

The tempo and style of the song should match your wedding theme. If you're having a traditional wedding, a classic ballad might be a good choice. For a more modern and energetic atmosphere, an upbeat song can get everyone on the dance floor.

3. Lyrics and Message

Consider the lyrics and message of the song. Look for heartfelt and romantic lyrics that reflect your love story. Avoid songs with negative or inappropriate messages that may not align with the joyous occasion.

Our Top Picks for Romantic First Dance Songs

1. "Unchained Melody" by The Righteous Brothers

This timeless classic strikes a perfect balance of passion and tenderness. The soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics will make your first dance a truly memorable moment.

2. "Amazed" by Lonestar

With its beautiful melody and lyrics, "Amazed" captures the overwhelming love and adoration felt by a newly married couple. This song is sure to tug at the heartstrings of your guests.

3. "At Last" by Etta James

Etta James' soulful voice combined with the romantic lyrics of "At Last" creates a magical atmosphere. This song is a classic choice that never fails to impress.

4. "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran's heartfelt ballad has become a modern favorite for first dances. Its romantic lyrics and mellow melody make it a perfect choice for a slow and intimate dance.

5. "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Elvis Presley

No list of romantic songs is complete without this iconic tune. Elvis Presley's smooth vocals and heartfelt lyrics make "Can't Help Falling in Love" a timeless classic for first dances.

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